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A reading lamp with an artistic shadow effect from wayang leather pattern.


The reading lamp is inspired by the traditional Indonesian shadow play ‘wayang kulit’ that is recognized by the UNESCO as a world heritage. Wayang itself is a Javanese word for shadow and kulit means skin or leather, the material from which the figures are carved, normally from buffalo hide. Ancient tales are told by the puppet master who moves the puppets in front of a screen with the audience watching the shadow play from the other side. Wayang kulit entertains but also educates people about their roles in society.


The Bayang Lamp connects the tradition with modern life by providing light for the user to read and creating the intimate atmosphere that the wayang kulit delivers.

This lamp is a collaboration project with Santai Furniture and designed exclusively for Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

One only see the highlight, the shadow play on the screen when the light is switched on.

The armature is made of wayang leather covered by cotton fabric. The fine patterns on the leather are carved out by hand in a careful process. The lamp is humble yet sophisticated, like the Javanese culture. 




Year  2016

Client  Santai Furniture

Materials  teak wood, wayang leather, cotton fabric, E27 lamp socket

Dimensions  L215 W260 H1270 mm

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