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As part of Empathy Supper, a 5-course dinner serving modern Indonesian cuisine curated by Soydivision, I had a great opportunity to be involved in designing the lighting and visuals for the art performance 'INSULAR' by fashion designer, Don Aretino, featuring singer and artist, LIE NING.

“Aretino’s latest collection Insular explores the theme of xenophobia. '(Previous collection) Halal showcased my perspective of being gay in the Islamic world, so in Insular I decided to make a collection about my parents’ perspective on this subject,' he explains. In order to reflect his mum and dad’s unfamiliarity with homosexuality, Aretino used materials he hadn’t worked with before such as sequins, furs, and 'fabrics not usually used for menswear like lace and pearls'. By mixing them all together, he hoped to make garments that were very 'flashy, invasive, and exaggerated', illustrating how skeptical outsiders may perceive the gay community” 

The event took place at Altendorfer Studios, Berlin. Mylar, iridescent foils, and mirror foils were used to augment the stage with light reflections and movements that complements the choreography, creating an engaging performance. Different light colours and visuals defined each chapter of the performance and enriched the spatial experience.


Date  10 August 2019 

Type of Project  Lighting design and visuals

Organizer  Soydivision, Motif Wein, and Altendorfer Studios

Location  Altendorfer Studios, Berlin, Germany

Documentation  Raras Theresa Farah Umaratih



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