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This time at Empathy Supper, a 5-course dinner serving modern Indonesian cuisine curated by Soydivision, I was invited as the guest artist. Together with my good friend and experience designer, Rasmus Ottesen Stride, we created an immersive dining experience with light and curated the dish collectively with Soydivision.

How far can we trust our senses?

Is our experience and understanding of reality shaped by how we perceive our environment through our senses?

How far can we trust our senses when we enter a completely new environment and some of our senses are muted? What if someday we have to live our life in this environment? Could we still perceive the world as the one we remember from our memory? Would our senses adapt or break instead? 


We divided the space into environments where participants experience the food in different light atmospheres and interactive settings. The senses of the participants were activated to explore these questions by playing with perception, relearning our senses, and experiencing the space in new way. 


Date  23 February 2020 

Type of Project  Experiential Lighting Installation

Organizer  Soydivision and Sari-Sari

Location  Sari-Sari, Berlin, Germany

Documentation  Mega Liyanti Kurniawan

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