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Labyrinth is about a woman’s struggle with her memories. Playful, funny, and at times tragic.
A collaboration between artists from Germany and Sweden within four art forms – equally weighted to create a dance theatre piece. Light design, video, dance and music combined.


The set, metals rings, become musical instruments and also serve as metaphorical boxes for the woman’s memories. Rings or windows spinning around on stage and in her mind, confusing her, attacking her or bringing smiles and childlike behaviours at times.


It roughly tells the story of a woman trapped in a space or in a Labyrinth of memories, trying to set herself free.

Annapaola Leso - Dance & Choreography

Mansoor Hosseini - Concept & Composition

Alessandra Leone - Video

Nindya Nareswari - Lighting Design

Jasmin Lepore – Costume


Date  14 June 2021 

Type of Project  Lighting design

Organizer  Soundance Festival

Location  Dock 11, Berlin, Germany

Documentation  Dieter Hartwigs (Photos), Walter Bickmann (Video)

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