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A biodegradable roll lamp shade has been originally designed by Finnish designer who won a lighting design award judged by Ingo Maurer.


A poetic and sophisticated ancient roll paper letter has inspired Ingo Maurer to create this lamp. He then let me develop the idea. 


I did an experiment with paper to explore the shape of the lamp. The most natural shape has been chosen. I gave a final touch with red ribbon which also meant to hold the lamp when it is packed. Light reflection of the metal rod structure in the center of the lamp is expected to promote a poetic concept of the lamp.


This lamp is a result of lighting design project for an internship at Ingo Maurer, Germany.




Year  2011

Client  Ingo Maurer

Materials  biodegradable plastic sheet, ribbon, steel rod, E27 lamp socket

Dimensions  W700 H800 D260 mm

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