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Multiverse is a kinetic light installation as an imaginative exploration and conception of a ‘portal’ machine that connects our world to other worlds that run aligned with ours, a parallel universe. As the artists, we imagine that the parallel universe as a world that is very personal to each individual, a manifestation of the experience and knowledge of each person. Through the light polarization phenomenon, we take a glimpse into a mysterious and intriguing world as a visual representation of their alternate universe. By constructing a device in our own version of utopian ”futuristic-design”, the device acts as a machine to automate the light polarization process, which is then projected in the space as our visualization of the parallel universe.

It was a collaborative project with Maulana Ahmad, Bandung-based artist for Instrumenta Festival 2019 that took place at National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta.

Date  23 October - 19 November 2019 

Type of Artwork  Kinetic Light Installation

Materials  transparent plastic sheet, polarizing filter, 5000K LED panel, rotating motor, projector, camera, translucent fabric, and various materials

Size  190 x 190 x 900 cm

Organizer  Instrumenta Festival

Location  National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia

Documentation  Maulana Ahmad and Andang Kelana


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