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Planet Sundae, a record label from the United Kingdom, arranged their first festival in Summer 2018. The festival is surrounded by beautiful nature, located in Reichenow-Möglin, 54 km north-east of Berlin. 


I had the opportunity to work on the stage lighting together with Johannes Offerhaus for the indoor area. LED spotlights lit up the art installations around the space in schemes, bringing them in sync with the music. For the punch, two spotlights were set up behind the DJ booth as backlit and another two shot the disco balls, accentuating the dance floor. A smoke machine emphasized the light effect and enhanced the atmosphere.




Date  18-19 August 2018

Type of Project  Stage Lighting Design

Organizer  Planet Sundae

Location  Reichenow-Möglin, Germany

Documentation  Luiz Marini

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