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A light sculpture, a therapy with a magical light effect.


This time, I decided to use water as the main medium to work on. Its fluidity keeps the light effect dynamic and unique. Water also generates very interesting optical effects such as diffraction, dispersion, refraction, and reflection.


The lamp is designed to accompany us in our relax time by its pleasant light effect. Started by pouring water into the glass bowl, a spot LED 9x1W shines upwards to the water, projecting multiple circular light reflections on the ceiling. It gives a pleasant and relax feeling to the atmosphere. A different light effect can be achieved by changing the height of the glass bowl. The transparent glass and brass structure create a calming and natural feeling, bring a poetic presence to the light.




Year  2016

Type of Project  Self Project

Materials  brass pipes and ring, glass bowl, LED 9x1W, terrazzo

Dimensions  D150 H305 mm

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