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Reflective Waves is a sculpture made of metal mesh, crumpled and suspended on the ceiling and illuminated by two colors of floodlights. The form of the sculpture and the light reflection on the material represents waves of ocean or water which is the concept idea of the Trade Fair for 2019. The reflective character of the material had also contributed to the festive atmosphere in the space. 


It was a project together with Undplus for Neonyt Trade Fair, 15-17 January 2019 at Kraftwerk, Berlin, as part of Berlin Fashion Week.



Date  15-17 January 2019

Type of Artwork  Light Installation

Materials  stainless steel mesh, RGB flood light

Size  200 x 100 x 500 cm

Organizer  Neonyt and Undplus

Location  Kraftwerk, Berlin, Germany

Documentation  Offenblende



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