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r e f r a c t_1.jpg

© Rininta Isdyani

r e f r a c t

interplay of light, material, and movement


This project explores the possibility of transforming plastic waste into an object of value. This pair of earrings reveals the hidden colours of a transparent plastic sheet when exposed to light. More colours could be discovered by rotating one of the acrylic glass parts, which also gives us the option of what colour we would like to wear.

Since it responds and very much depends on the surrounding light, the colour pattern is ephemeral. It is not something that could be experienced and enjoyed every day. Like a rainbow, it allows us to appreciate and embrace the impermanence.

r e f r a c t  is a collaboration project with Studio iris_ founded by designer Rininta Isdyani.

r e f r a c t_2.jpg

© Reza Zulmi

r e f r a c t_3.jpg

© Rininta Isdyani

r e f r a c t_4.jpg

© Rininta Isdyani




Year  2021

Type of Project  Collaboration Project

Materials  methacrylate glass, plastic sheet, polarising filter, 925 sterling silver

Dimensions  L25 H50 W12 mm

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