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An experiential lighting for underground space.


The project is set out to design an experiential lighting that could give a feeling of daylight and get a sense of nature through artificial light, to enhance moods of the occupants and improve their motivation to work in spaces that are deprived of daylight.


It is an experimental work based on holistic approach by analyzing a wide variety of visual qualities of daylight which has a huge value in improving moods and motivation.


The design is an ever-changing shadow pattern and light patches in the space in response to wind sensor outside in order to obtain the connection with outside world. The light and shadow pattern are projected on the wall and floor, work depending on the time and wind condition outside which creates different schemes during the day.


The project has been done at the Eindhoven University of Technology, in cooperation with OpenLight Studio from Intelligent Lighting Institute.

The sketch defines the initial idea of the design.

It is a slot behind the wall with holes along where light is emitted and creates an ever-changing shadow pattern in the space.

The light source will move slowly during the day from side to side of the room and change the color temperature and intensity to define the process of time and life. During noon time, the shadow pattern is simplified and focused so that people could be more concentrated to the work.

The full-scale model has been built in a room at the Eindhoven University of Technology. It is made of a wood panel constructed around one meter away from the wall as the place for the light source (HID Lamp), paper curtain, and the programmed ventilator. 








Year  2014

Type of Project  Master Thesis Project

Materials  HIT Lamp 6000 lm, plywood, paper 300 gram, ventilator, wind sensor, arduino uno


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