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Embarking from the idea of ‘body as recorder/archive’, Morgan Sully, Rizki Resa Utama, and I facilitated the participants an itinerary through a gentle interrogation of their lived environment - ‘con-versing the city’ between two days to develop a collective work by and with the public.

The interactions - based on intimacy, empathy and social cohesion - constituted the soundwalk and followed by moments to process, reflect and share. The places along the itinerary documented these conversations as we move together, Ramé-ramé, 'being in space together’, in the various locations.⁠

At the end of the first day of the soundwalk, participants were asked to archive their sound experience of the day visually. After they finished the drawing, we transferred it collectively onto a cyanotype solution coated fabric which then we exposed to Milan sunlight of the day. The result is astonishing, poetic, a collective sound map archive of Milan.

Sound archiving with light is a part of the larger soundwalk project done for Soydivision together with Standards Studio called Ramé-ramé at Il Pianeta Festival 2021, Milan, Italy.

Date  16-17 October 2021 

Type of Project  Light workshop

Location  Standards Studio, Milan, Italy

Documentation  Piercarlo Quecchia, Roberta Pagani, Gaia Martino, Morgan Sully

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