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Three layers of slightly rotated lenticular sheet, oriented almost parallel, create a moiré effect, form a distorted pattern and at the same time disperse the light into spectrum. The light sculpture is a landscape of ever-changing luminous moiré structures that questions our perception of depth and shape.

Different patterns emerge along with the observing angle of the viewer. The pattern becomes personal as one experiences differently to the other. Ephemeral quality of the pattern embellishes the transitory moment. It questions our perception of time and emotions, how emotions are evoked by our visual perception, particularly during that fleeting moment. Various opacity levels of the moiré pattern renders an illusion of depth and dimension and it makes us reevaluate our way of perceiving an image. Here the viewer is given the position to create their own narrative, their own reality, their own memory.

Date  January 2023 

Type of Artwork  Light Sculpture

Materials  lenticular sheet, 5000K LED tube, steel wire

Size  40 x 11,5 x 50 cm

Documentation  Nindya Nareswari


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