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State Of Insecurity is a music performance piece by Jessica Sligter, exploring the concept of 'care' in late liberalism. Its main character reminisces while playing with the remains of a dinner-party, while a second character delivers slivers of theoretical analyses, crooning against an austere landscape of electronics and modular synthesis.


Audrey Chen - vocals, objects

Jessica Sligter - vocals, electronics

Xavier Lopez - synthesizer

Nindya Nareswari - light design


Text, composition and direction by Jessica Sligter

Text includes quotes from E-Flux Journal "What's Love (or Care, Intimacy, Warmth, Affection) Got To Do With It?," Sternberg Press 2017, and "State Of Insecurity: Government of the Precarious," Isabell Lorey, Verso 2015.


Technical consultation by Annette Krebs,

conceptual consultation by Leil-Zahra Mortada,

and dramaturgical consultation by Fernanda Farah.

This piece was funded by Norsk Kulturfond and Musikfonds Germany.

Date  27 April 2021 

Type of Project  Lighting design

Location  KuLe Theatre, Berlin, Germany

Documentation  Arata Mori (Video & Photos)

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